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Checklist of Forbidden Foods_21 Day Sugar Detox

Foods to Avoid on 21 Day Sugar Detox

Big list, hah? The good news is you can eat as much as you want of the following: All organic meat & poultry (except for processed meats) All fish and seafood Sashimi (no sauce) Herbs Vegetables (except for the ones on the List of Foods to Avoid) Eggs Goji Berries Lemon and lime Ghee (Clarified […]

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white sugar cubes

10 Tips for Surviving Sugar Detox

1. Timing is everything I know I know.. there is no such thing as perfect timing for sugar detox. But there is definitely such thing as bad timing. Don’t start the detox when you are on vacation or in the midst of stressful exam period or year-end at work. Choose a slower, warmer month of […]

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