Paleo Meat and Mushroom Tarts

Paleo Savory Mini Tarts

Paleo savory tarts is a creation that was inspired by my childhood cravings. On occasion, my mom would make these tarts with rye dough and various meet or vegetable stuffing. I decided to recreate these in paleo way using almond flour and for stuffing I used mushrooms and ground beef. The result? A great hands on dish that can be served either as a main or an appetizer.


  • I made half meat half mushrooms for this recipe. I like them both equally but if you prefer one or the other just double the amount of the ingredient i.e. use 2 packs of mushrooms instead of 1, or 3 pounds of beef instead of 1.5.
  • Milk can be added to the egg mixture to make it into omelette like consistency. If you do not consume dairy, milk can be omitted.
  • Butter is used to grease the finished tarts. This step can be omitted.

To create this recipe, I used the following products:

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