Easy glutenn free paleo dessert - Meringue Bites

Paleo Meringue Bites

Growing up with a pastry chef for a mom  – I was lucky to indulge in all kinds of homemade desserts. But the king of them all was always meringue for me. So weightless and crusty, it always blew my mind with its unique texture and lightness. Nowadays, I don’t indulge in desserts nearly as often, but when I do, I want to make sure its worth it! The best part of making this recipe is actually licking the cream off the whisker. So hard to stop and proceed to the next step of the process. Stay strong and focused – good luck!


Meringue is very sensitive to humidity and therefore it is advisable not to make them on a rainy or humid day. If you do – cool them in the turned off oven before serving or extend the baking time.

Also, note that when whisking egg whites into a cream it is crucial to use a clean, dry bowl without any residue as some oils could potentially interfere and the whole process might be ruined. Mastering meringue takes the finessing that comes only with experience. Remember, practice plus patience makes perfect;)

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