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King Mushrooms with Eggs Romesco

So I have to admit, I’ve been spoiled. My husband has been making most of our weekend breakfasts recently (that is when we are both not too lazy and/or starving and opt for venturing out to a local brunch joint instead). But hey, I get up early to make most of the weekday breakfasts, so its all fair as far as I’m concerned. But this weekend is special, its a long weekend and we are having Friday off. Which is great of course, but also means that our favorite brunch places are closed, and going out for brunch would be rather risky.

So I was nice, and I decided to make a breakfast this time to kick off the long weekend in the best possible way. I didn’t want to make anything too heavy to put us right back down on the couch for the rest of the day. So I opted for something relatively quick and light, which ended up being a variation on my paleo eggs Florentine and eggs Benedict where I substitute the traditional English muffins with…you guessed it – king mushrooms! Its meaty texture and flavor counter balance the sauces making it an excellent foundation for all kinds of egg breakfast dishes. Like this time, when I made the eggs with Romesco sauce, which is garlicky and sweet, and adds just the right punch of flavor to the pairing.

healthy paleo brekafast with mushrooms and eggs

I garnished my creation with organic Broccoli microgreens but feel free to use any other kind of seedlings you can find.

And when it comes to Romesco sauce, the authentic way of preparation is using a mortar and pestle to pound all the ingredients together. But, as I mentioned, its a long weekend and I have other things to enjoy today, so I opted for a mini blender and that worked just fine.

Romesco sauce paleo style

The roasted red pepper in this recipe can be homemade or store-bought — try the Italian variety, available in a jar. For a truly authentic dish, use a mild New Mexican dried red pepper like guajillo or ancho, or substitute another ½ tsp smoked Spanish paprika and pinch cayenne.

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