Gluten free, paleo cupcakes

Flour free, sugar free cupcakes

These delicious cupcakes are so moist, rich and full of texture. Share them with your non-paleo friends and see them begging for the recipe. They can be made with carrots, banana, or can be enjoyed plain. Frosting or no frosting, they are great for desserts, snacks and breakfasts.


  • To frost cupcakes, its not necessary to have the proper tools. Just fill a zip bag with the frosting, cut off a corner and squeeze away. You won’t end up with perfectly frosted cupcakes. For that you will need a proper piping bag with special tip. But this technique creates a pretty good result, similar to the one piping bag with round tip would create.


  • For the 21 day sugar detox, use the same recipe with carrots or green tip bananas. Don’t sweeten and ignore the frosting. Although less sweet, these are still great with a touch of almond butter instead of frosting.

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