paleo cookies with pumpkin & cranberry

Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies

Many things happen in October around where I live. Leaves change their colors creating a magnificent landscape of all shades of yellow, red, green and burgundy. The days become shorter and crispier. The fashions are at their peak with everyone getting out of their simple shorts and dresses into trendy coats, jackets, boots and demoing the latest accessories. Store shelves are abundant with Halloween candy. People are stuffing themselves at back to back family Thanksgiving dinners.  But for me, one thing that stands out the most during autumn season is plentiful harvest vegetables, local and fresh. You can’t have fall without the veggie harvest. And you can’t have a fall harvest without…you guessed it – pumpkin. This ever fun vegetable is a welcome guest in so many dishes, from soups to purees to dessert, pumpkin has a perfect texture and subtle flavour to compliment many recipes. Today, I’m using it to make paleo friendly, gluten free, flourless cookies.

paleo cookies with cranberries

No eggs, no flour, pure paleo miracle – Cranberry Pumpkin cookies. This isn’t the first time I am using almond butter to create paleo dough. I love its texture and I am always amazed how the taste of almond butter doesn’t really translate into the finished product. These paleo cookies are nutty and chewy. For crunchier texture make them smaller and thinner.

closeup of paleo cookies

Tip: the dough might get pretty sticky, which might make it a bit tricky to flatten the balls to nice uniform cookie shapes. It helps to rinse your hands in between rolling cookies.

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