classic french omelette on a white plate

Classic French Omelette

This past weekend me and my fellow Canadian celebrated Victoria Day. If you are not familiar with this holiday, chances are you are not Canadian, and, therefore, are not allowed to be on my blog. Just kidding. Did I mention, I was Canadian? We are very welcoming and nice people;)))  Anyhow, back to Victoria Day. This holiday commemorates Queen Victoria’s birthday ( Canada is part of the Commonwealth and a constitutional monarchy with the Crown represented by the British monarch) and has been observed in Canada since at least 1845. What’s the connection between Victoria Day and my recipe you ask? Believe it or not, there is one. Ignore my twisted logic, but here is how it all came together in my beautiful mind: Queen Victoria means royalty, royalty means everything posh, everything posh in my mind means France (yeap, we started with the UK and somehow got to France), and France means CLASSIC FRENCH OMELETTE! Vois-la!

fancy breakfast arrangement of classic french omelette

I love France (who doesn’t?!). Magnificent Paris with its winding alleys, crazy motorcyclists, cozy sidewalk cafes and a smell of sophistication in the air. Yes, sophistication, style and class, thats what the French represent in my mind. And this past weekend I wanted a taste of that. So I created a mini breakfast vacation, and the French omelette helped me to get there. To add an extra fancy to my experience, I decided to forgo the regular chicken eggs and used duck eggs instead. I was able to get duck eggs at my local grocer, but if you don’t have them where you are, feel free to use chicken eggs. I just think that this recipe really allows the flavour and texture of the egg to shine, so if you could use heritage chicken, duck or goose eggs you would elevate the taste to a whole other level.

classic french omelette closeup

The perfect French omelette takes only minutes (well, about 1 minute 30 seconds) to make, so its not only perfect for those lazy, pardon – “sophisticated” – mornings but also great for when you need to put a quick breakfast on the table. Success is all about details and technique, so read the recipe through carefully before beginning. Make sure you don’t overcook or burn, to preserve the smooth, delicate texture of the omelette.

goat cheese classic french omelette

Aurevoir for now, and please leave your comments and share your experience.

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