Super easy paleo dessert - banana coconut sundae

Banana Coconut Sundae

If you are into ice cream and like bananas – you owe it to yourself to try this amazing dessert – a combination of paleo (dairy free) ice cream and sauteed bananas, this is a delicious treat made in just 5 minutes. Light and naturally sweetened it is perfect occasional end of  meal treat.

fast and easy paleo dessert - bananas & coconut

When I say I made this dessert in 5 min I meant if it takes you a whole 5 minutes you probably seriously took your time. This healthy dessert is honestly the quickest dessert I’ve ever made. Just saute sliced banana with some coconut oil, coconut sugar and a dash of maple syrup and you are done. Of course, you always have the option of making ice cream from scratch as well if you are looking for more work to do. But sometimes (like in my case;) cravings strike unexpectedly and for those occasions you have to have highly efficient shortcuts, before somebody gets seriously hurt;)

sauteed bananas for healthy dessert

Caramelized bananas melt in your mouth and add natural sweetness and texture to delicate ice cream. Sprinkle with some unsweetened coconut flakes for great presentation. And if you are feeling extra naughty, splash a dash of your favorite liquor (banana liquor or rum would work wonderfully.) 

coconut ice cream with sauteed bananas

Coconut and bananas are a match made in heaven. For this recipe I used my favorite kind of paleo ice cream – Coconut Bliss by Luna and Larry’s. It’s vegan, gluten free and sweetened with agave. Yum!

healthy, paleo dessert - banana coconut

Feel free to experiment with other ice cream flavours, and please let me know in the REVIEW section if you stumble on a goldmine in the process!

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