low carb summer salad - arugula, mint, watermelon

Arugula, Mint & Watermelon Salad

Today is one of my best friend’s baby shower. A third one in a month for me to attend, and as much as I love my friends and cute little baby things, I’m glad she is not doing it the girly girly style, and boys are invited too. Which means, normal adult conversations, lots of meat, drinks and minimum baby talk in between. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies! I just don’t have any of my own and often find I have little to contribute to this sort of discussions.  It finally feels like summer and I’m looking forward to a relaxed BBQ style gathering in her mom’s backyard. I do know BBQs after all, and I know how to contribute to BBQs. This time I decided to add a healthy touch and bringing my Arugula, Mint & Watermelon SaladLight, low carb summer salad

This salad recipe is extremely easy to make. Just make sure you find a good, sweet watermelon, and the rest is going to take care of itself. You can use any kind of watermelon for this simple salad, although seedless, mini sort works best. The mint adds a touch of freshness to everything and blends perfectly with arugula. Feta cheese and nuts provide some protein and texture.

Fresh salad with arugula, watermelon and mint

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