blue cheese stuffed apricots on a blue plate

Apricots with Blue Cheese

My husband is away for work and won’t be back for another 10 days, which means I miss him very much, but I have no time to waste as the girls are coming over for some wine and cheese!!! 燎 I’m in charge of appetizers and I wanted something fresh and sophisticated, something I wouldn’t have to kill myself over making, but also something that would scream summer, because in the northern hemisphere summer is finally fast approaching.

Apricots stuffed with melted blue cheese make a nice, juicy, healthy appetizer that combines sweet and savory flavours to perfection. Just make sure (now, pay attention) to use only the most ripe, sweet apricots. It won’t be good if the apricots lack sweetness. If that happens anyways, add a dash of melted raw honey to the top of the blue cheese after you get the apricots out of the oven.

5 apricots stuffed with blue cheese

Just remember, cheese is technically not paleo as its dairy, but many paleo followers (me included) indulge occasionally in high quality cheese varieties. For this recipe I used blue cheese that my girlfriend from France brought me on her last visit, so I’m pretty certain of its high quality. If you decide to incorporate small amount of cheese into your paleo diet, by all means avoid ultra processed, commercial varieties (type you find packaged in plastic or pre-shredded) and stick to raw, grass fed types.

blue cheese apricots appetizer closeup

Don’t you just love the radiant colors of this healthy appetizer? Try it for yourself, and share the feedback in the comments section;)

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