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Paleo Alternatives to 5 Classics

1. Paleo Pizza

Timeless delivery classic – pizza is a truly international phenomenon. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to its main not so healthy ingredient – white dough. Gluten free pizza crust recipes include common paleo ingredients such as almond flour or cauliflower. Gluten free pizza crust is a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional pizza crust.


2. Paleo Lasagna

Traditional Lasagna is a blend of many flavors and rich textures. Unfortunately, it tends to be heavy to digest and used to put me asleep in my pre paleo days. Paleo lasagna has all the richness and flavor of the classical lasagna without the heaviness of the traditional lasagna noodles. Eggplant lasagna presents gluten free paleo lasagna alternative that is easier to digest and, unlike many paleo swap recipes, tastes almost identical to the original lasagna.


3. Paleo Sheppard’s Pie

Like lasagna, Sheppard’s pie is a classical dish that can easily be converted into gluten free paleo alternative that is lighter on the stomach and tastes as good as the original. By substituting mashed potato for cauliflower puree in paleo Sheppard’s pie, you can achieve the same smooth creamy top level texture while enjoying all the goodness of cauliflower. Surprisingly, cauliflower combined with parmesan cheese and butter tastes very similar to mashed potato.


4. Paleo Pancakes

Sunday mornings just aren’t the same without the smell of freshly prepared pancakes in the house. Thankfully, there are plenty of gluten free flour alternatives that can be used to prepare paleo pancakes. Or better yet, enjoy this flour free, sugar free gluten free pancake recipe made with only a handful of healthy ingredients.


4. Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs

Another Italian classic, spaghetti with meatballs, is extremely carb loaded in its original version. Try making spaghetti out of spaghetti squash instead, while also skipping on the breadcrumbs in the meatballs. Although the taste of spaghetti squash is not exactly the same as pasta, it does create similar look and texture. Make sure to use authentic, sugar free tomato sauce in your gluten free spaghetti and meatballs recipe, and savor the flavors of real tomatoes and herbs as opposed to bland taste of noodles not to mention the empty calories.





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