Baby Food as a Healthy Paleo Snack

Out of Paleo Snack Ideas?

Try Baby Food!

A friend of mine has recently gone paleo and one day he approached me asking for some recommendations for paleo snacks. He said he had more or less figured out his breakfast, lunch and dinner routine but finding paleo snacks that were healthy, easy and readily available was a challenge. At first I had directed him to the list of my favorite paleo snacks, and suggested things like nuts and dates, avocado and eggs etc. My friend replied that he tried nuts and dried fruit and he was getting sick of it, and that things like eggs and avocado were not as portable and still required some preparation which was tricky given his quite chaotic schedule of being constantly on the go. This is when I shared my ultimate paleo snack hack with him – baby food. Of course! Baby food does not have to be only for babies. Baby food pouches make perfect paleo snacks for active adults on the go.

First of all, baby food is natural, without artificial additives, sugar or preservatives and is full of nutrition. Look for organic varieties like Baby Gourmet or Ella’s Kitchen. Their ingredients include organic fruits and vegetables without additives like Ascorbic and Citric Acid commonly found in non-organic baby foods.

Baby Food as Paleo Snacks













Secondly, lets face it, baby food is yummy. The flavor combinations available on the market today are mouth watering and are literally endless, and they are available in both sweet and savory varieties. Hence, you will never get tired of trying new flavors to satisfy your healthy snack cravings in paleo friendly way.

Finally, and, perhaps most importantly when talking snacks, baby food is extremely fast and convenient. Available almost anywhere from grocery stores to gas stations, baby food nowadays comes in convenient pouches that don’t even require use of utensils. Baby food also comes in portion sizes that are perfect for low calorie snacks. Added bonus – baby food pouches don’t look anything like traditional baby food jars, more like energy pouches, so not to worry for those macho types out there.

So next time you are at a loss as to what to have for a healthy snack today, remember baby food and give it a try – you’ll be instantly hooked, and once you are, come back and share your comments on your most favorite baby food brands and flavors.


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