Paleo Soup Made of Golden Beets & Fennel

My Top 6 Paleo Soup Recipes

I love soup! From chicken noodle to borsch, soup has always been a staple dish for me either when cooking at home or eating out. Since going paleo, however, I had to bid farewell to some of my favorite soups, like chicken noodle for example. After all, chicken noodle without the noodles is kind of pointless. But like with everything else in paleo, once one ingredient is out, five more healthier substitutes are in, so I had no doubt I would be able to replace my go-to soups with some new paleo friendly alternatives that I would crave as much or possibly more! Potatoes, rice, noodles, beans etc . are not welcomed in paleo soup menu. So what are the alternatives? For me, personally, nothing beats the soup puree or cream soup concept. I find cream soups so soothing for the stomach (mine is wracked by acid reflux from bad eating habits years ago), so yummy, and so fast and easy to make too. All you have to have is a trustworthy blender and the possibilities are endless! Below are my top 6 most favorite paleo soup recipes:

Paleo Cream of Broccoli Soup

Paleo cream of broccoli soup with a twist

This Cream of Broccoli paleo soup version is a fancy take on the familiar recipe. Only fancy in this case doesn’t mean more costly or complicated, it just means yummier and even fuller of flavor. With an additional touch of mushrooms and rutabaga, the broccoli flavor is enriched and so is the soup’s nutritious content.


Paleo “Potato” & Leek Soup

Paleo soup in black bowls












Mmmm..this paleo soup is so hearty and filling that you forget it’s a soup all together. The addition of bacon creates an amazing smoky effect and blends very well with the rest of the ingredients. And here again cauliflower replaces potato as an excellent more nutrient efficient substitute, that mimics the familiar taste of potato oh so well. There are many other ways to employ cauliflower as a valuable paleo substitute. For example, in a puree, to make pizza crust or even as a substitute for rice.


Paleo Cream of Mushroom Soup

Paleo  Cream of Mushroom soup is different from the traditional cream of mushroom in that the dairy is replaced by coconut milk. As a result, you end up with the same creamy taste and consistency in 100% paleo friendly way. Most cream soups can become paleo soups when you substitute cream for coconut milk.


Golden Beet with Fennel Soup

Golden Beet with Fennel Soup is got to be my most favorite paleo soup at the moment. It was the first time I tried golden beets and I’m so glad I did. Not as colorful and strong tasting as their more common red beets cousin, golden beets have a very distinct, delicate taste that makes the dish. I can’t wait to experiment with them in another recipe.


Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup is a must in a paleo soup recipes’ arsenal. It’s a natural medicine for a variety of immune and stomach conditions. Ginger is a wonderful digestive aid that strengthens the lining of the upper gastrointestinal tract, protecting against ulcers and parasites. The carotenes from carrots fortify the immune system and help maintain healthy skin and hair.


Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque

I got this recipe from a small vinery in a Niagara region a few years ago. I was there during the harvest time and was fortunate to be treated to a bowl of roasted butternut squash soup that made me beg for a recipe. I tried many other recipes for butternut squash soup before, but this one is definitely my favorite.


What about you? What are your most favorite paleo soup recipes?

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