Healthy Paleo dinner recipe - chicken with leeks

My Top 5 Paleo Chicken Recipes

Looking for paleo chicken recipes you could prepare for your next lunch or dinner? Look no further. Chicken doesn’t have to be boring nor should it be dry or bland. By adding a handful of proper extra ingredients, like certain herbs and condiments, and by following the proper chicken cooking technique you can achieve amazing restaurant quality results with little time and effort invested.

I don’t know about you, but I have constantly struggled with preparing chicken at home.  It would either come out too dry or undercooked and I kept being disappointed with the flavor. After a while I completely stopped my attempts at tackling chicken recipes at home and tried chicken only when eating out. When I went paleo several years ago, I became more conscious of what I eat. We all know about hormones and additives in meat products all around us. It’s hard to track the quality of meat when eating out, and after a while, I resolved to cooking meat at home, to make sure I and my family consume antibiotic free, organically fed products we buy at the local organic butcher’s.

With some research, experimentation and practice, I managed to uncover some secrets to making paleo chicken recipes at home that come out equal to or surpass chicken dishes from the best restaurants out there.  Following are my top 5 paleo chicken recipes. I have picked them based on the criteria of taste, texture and unique flavor combinations. Don’t settle for mediocre chicken made the same old fashioned way. Try one of my paleo chicken recipes and I guarantee an exciting chicken dinner that would inspire you to explore more!

Healthy Paleo dinner recipe - chicken with leeks

Chicken with Leeks & Sweet Potatoes

Chicken with Leeks and Sweet Potatoes is all-in-one main course with the chicken baking on top of the vegetables. Chicken comes out very juicy and the flavours of leeks and...

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Paleo Chicken Dinner - Date and Gorgonzola

Date & Gorgonzola-Stuffed Chicken

Sweet and salty flavours perk up the taste and texture of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Use the soft and supple Medjool dates for a rich taste to the stuffing. Slice...

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Paleo Chicken with Mushrooms

Baked Chicken with Mushrooms

Baked Chicken with Mushrooms is a simple paleo dish that takes no time to make. You can grill the chicken and mushrooms rather than bake them if you wish. Serve...

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Paleo Dinner - Chicken with Pecan Pistachio Crust

Pecan Pistachio Chicken with Mustard Sauce

Pecan Pistachio Chicken immersed in elegant flavors of white wine and Dijon mustard. Serve with a salad or steamed vegetables, such as spinach or broccolini or a combination of the...

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Paleo Chicken Dinner - Butter Chicken

Primal Style Butter Chicken

Going paleo did not only not discourage me from exploring various world cuisines but actually encouraged me to experiment more with different ingredients, combinations, flavours and textures. Primal butter chicken...

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 What about you? What are your most favorite paleo chicken recipes?


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