My 10 Most Favorite Paleo Snacks

My 10 Most Favorite Paleo Snacks

It’s not always easy to make healthy eating choices when on the go. Busy lifestyles require some planning. Thankfully, its really not that complicated. There is a plenty of healthy snacks and nutritious options out there. Below are my top 10 most favorite paleo snacks:


Paleo Snack - DatesDates are awesome! This magical dry fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and is easily digestible. Dietary fiber in dates promotes healthy digestive tract and protects you from developing such diseases as stomach and colon cancer. Modestly looking dates taste great and because they are sweet, they make not only a great paleo snack but also a great paleo dessert. I often have a couple of dates with my afternoon tea.



Paleo Snack - Nuts

I am a big nut lover with my favorite nuts being macadamia and walnuts. The lowest-calorie nuts are almonds, cashews and pistachios – are perfect as paleo snacks. Personally, I don’t usually eat raw almonds as a snack as I consume a lot of almonds in a form of flour, butter and milk. It’s important to buy nuts that are raw or dry roasted. Packaged nuts roasted in oil have a lot of their nutrients destroyed by heat, and besides, they are often roasted in unhealthy hydrogenated oils.



Paleo Snack - Cottage Cheese with FruitsI follow paleo framework that allows good quality cheese from time to time. Thanks god, because I love cheese way too much to give it up completely. Fresh quality cottage cheese is a great source of low fat protein and calcium.  But stay away from processed and packaged varieties that come with questionable fruit and tons of sugar. Instead, mix some plain cottage cheese with some berries or fruits of your choice, add a dash of melted raw honey or maple syrup for sweetness if you’d like, and vois la – a paleo snack that is easy, filling and tasty.



Paleo Snack - JerkyNot all beef jerky is created equally. If you can get your hands on the natural jerky then you can enjoy a healthy protein snack with no additives or sugars. From time to time I travel to Seattle and buy jerky from a stand at Pike market. That jerky tastes fantastic and the type I buy has only salt and pepper as condiments.



Paleo Snack - ProsciuttoProsciutto is one of those snacks that sometimes serve me as meal because it’s so filling. As opposed to other processed meats varieties, quality prosciutto ingredients include only pork, salt, and spice and no sugar or harmful additives. Great with some aged cheese or pineapple [see recipe here], prosciutto is an awesome savory paleo snack for those extra hungry moments.



Paleo Snack - Kale Chips

Sweet potato, plantain, beet, kale – paleo chips come in various shapes and forms and are great as an occasional paleo friendly snack. Consume with guacamole or a paleo dip of your choice for a satisfying crunchy experience. For a great Kale chips Recipe click here.



Paleo Snack - Organic DulseIf you can get your hands on this maritime treat, then do it. Salty and textured, dulse is a sea vegetable snack that has a smoked fish taste that may not sound very appetizing but is surprisingly addictive. Dulse is full of mighty minerals and beneficial fatty acids and is one paleo snack that I keep craving from to time.



Paleo Snack - Muffins

Carrot, banana, chocolate, blueberry – whatever flavor rocks your world – paleo muffins are great to snack on whether you are at home or on the go. Whenever I fly somewhere I make sure to bake some muffins for the road so I can enjoy them later at the airport or on the plane. Easily portable and filling – paleo muffins are definitely my favorite paleo snacks. Check out my favourite paleo muffin recipes here.



ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissAvocado is one of the healthiest foods out there, and it’s so versatile that I can never get bored of it. My favorite way to eat avocado is in guacamole. Combined with lime and cilantro, avocado becomes so fresh and yummy that I can’t help but to be addicted. Don’t worry if you don’t have time or all the ingredients to make proper guacamole. Just smash the avocado with whatever you have handy, whether its tomato or some herbs, and enjoy a ‘lazy’ guacamole. Consume with your choice of paleo chips or simply with raw veggies.



Paleo Snack - Boiled EggsSo simple yet underrated, boiled egg is an awesome paleo snack. It acts as a shot of protein and gives you energy for long periods of time.

What did I miss? Whats your favorite paleo snack?








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