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Baby Food as a Healthy Paleo Snack

Out of Paleo Snack Ideas?

Try Baby Food! A friend of mine has recently gone paleo and one day he approached me asking for some recommendations for paleo snacks. He said he had more or less figured out his breakfast, lunch and dinner routine but finding paleo snacks that were healthy, easy and readily available was a challenge. At first […]

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whiskey on the rocks

Paleo Alcohol – From Worst to Best

Despite of what many online articles on the topic of paleo alcohol say, I have a basis to believe that our ancient predecessors did enjoy some buzz on occasion. According to mighty Wikipedia , discoveries of some late Stone Age jugs suggest that alcohol as a beverage could be tracing its origins to as early as […]

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coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been around for as long as human history has recorded. Since the ancient times it has been an essential resource for tropical communities in South and Central America, Africa and Asia. For most inhabitants of these areas coconut oil was an integral part of their daily lives, used in food, medicine, and […]

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beautiful young brunette woman sleeping peacefully in her bed with the alarm clock standing near her

How to Sleep Better

  What could be better than getting out of bed well rested and full of energy? Unfortunately, for most of us this feeling is a rare luxury and not everyday reality. In most cases we simply can’t afford to spend enough time sleeping. But in many cases, even after sleeping for 10 hours we wake […]

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white sugar cubes

10 Tips for Surviving Sugar Detox

1. Timing is everything I know I know.. there is no such thing as perfect timing for sugar detox. But there is definitely such thing as bad timing. Don’t start the detox when you are on vacation or in the midst of stressful exam period or year-end at work. Choose a slower, warmer month of […]

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gluten free symbol

Gluten Free ≠ Healthy

Is it me or has ‘gluten free’ become the new buzz word? Similar to the familiar slogans like ‘zero calories’, ‘fat free’, and ‘less fat’ , ‘gluten free’ is now being used increasingly by marketers to target not only gluten intolerant, celiac disease suffering shoppers but health-oriented population in general. So, what’s wrong with that? […]

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