260384_10150220870243426_512013425_7253078_5730894_nHey and welcome to paleontastic.com! My name is Lana and I invite you to join me in my paleo journey, so together we can benefit from increased awareness, recipe sharing and just learn from each other the best ways to stay healthy, active and close to nature.

My paleo recipe collection is targeted mainly at people who are relatively new to paleo lifestyle and are looking for the least painful ways to transition from the old ways of eating. Like you, I struggled to overcome so many cravings and obstacles on the way to better eating. I want to share my experience and hopefully ease this transition for others. A lot of my recipes are based on familiar, comfort foods and are less radical in nature. I know how difficult it is to switch from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich every morning to rutabaga hash browns or chicken avocado salad. That’s why I think it is important to use some bridge-foods that help you stay on track with paleo diet while maintaining your sanity. All recipes featured on this site are grain free, gluten free, bad starch and processed sugar free. I do feature some recipes that include dairy, but it’s always featured as an option and the recipe works just as good without it.

A few words about me.  Like most of us, I’ve been a human garbage can for the big chunk of my life. A few years back, I started having various stomach issues. I was showing first signs of ulcer, and finally developed a bad case of silent acid reflux which totally affected my quality of life. I was told by the doctors I wasn’t allowed caffeine, alcohol, acidic fruits, vegetables, and basically everything that kept me going. A few medications I was prescribed didn’t really do anything good, so I knew I had to take a radical approach to healing my body. That is when I started researching more about food and came across paleo diet.

Needless to say, the first few weeks of paleo eating were a torture. I was craving my familiar comfort foods, had real trouble eating out and was generally confused and overwhelmed with the amount of new information. It felt like eating became a full time job, where I needed to plan all meals in advance, constantly research ingredients, make sacrifices, and spend a lot of money in exchange for a dubious satisfaction. As time went by, things started to change. Old cravings disappeared, new good comfort foods replaced old bad ones. My collection of healthy, paleo friendly recipes had expanded significantly. I started experimenting with cooking, modifying recipes, creating my own, and soon found that cooking became my hobby, an engaging and creative process, that I enjoyed almost as much as the end result. Simultaneously, my acid reflux symptoms have improved dramatically, and I have gained awareness and control over my body and mind, an effect that spilled over into many other areas of my life including work and relationships.

Today I am an avid food enthusiast and a paleo junkie who loves to experiment with new recipes, taste new ingredients, read health articles and explore different ways to save money and time while following paleo lifestyle. I’m living very active life in Toronto, Canada and looking forward to continue to learn and share my knowledge with everyone who wants to make their lives better and more fun.